Rent Self-Storage & Self-Storage for Rent

If you’re looking to rent self-storage for your personal or business use, then you’re in the right place because we’ve got just what you’re looking for with Silo Storage, self-storage units in Unanderra.

A self-storage unit is essential for individuals and businesses owners that are in need of storage space to hold items such as furniture, stock and equipment. Renting self-storage is a much more efficient and effective method of storing resources than other alternatives, such as extending your home or business to increase its storage space. It's a safe, smart and convenient option in a secure building, ensuring your items are well-protected from the environment.

The entire process of finding and booking self-storage for rent has been made significantly simpler with the help of Silo Storage. Our team are willing to assist you every step of the way by providing excellent customer service for our clients, and helping you find the best unit for your needs. Our self-storage units are safe, secure, and easily accessible, ensuring the best possible experience for you.

Why Should You Get a Self-Storage Unit?

An increasing number of people opt to rent self-storage each year because of the numerous benefits that they hold. Not only is renting a Silo self-storage unit an economical option to expand your space, but they have become increasingly popular because Silo Storage self-storage units are secure and easy to access. The 24/7 access is convenient for business owners and individual alike.

Benefits include:

  • Diverse range of unit sizes from 9 to 63m2

  • 3.5m high clearance units

  • 24/7 State of the art access (mobile app and keypad)

  • Camera surveillance security system

  • 6 - 8 metre wide driveways

  • Drive-up access to all units on level 1 and 2

  • Metered power and lights to all units

  • Amenities on all levels.

Self-storage can assist you on a number of separate occasions, such as:

1. Shifting to Your New Home or a new premises

If you’re planning to move to a new home or business premises, then utilising a storage unit can be a huge time saver. You can begin to pack your items and get them out of the way early by storing them in your rented storage unit. This frees up valuable space, and added peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure. By working with the Silo Storage team to find the best self-storage for rent we can help make your move much more effortless and efficient.

2. An Inventory for Your Business

As your business expands, storage becomes an increasing concern for business owners. Moving to a new premises to simply access more space can be costly and waste valuable time. Instead, you can easily expand your space by renting a Silo Storage self-storage unit for rent. A Silo Storage self-storage unit can provide you with the essential space you need to conveniently fulfil the storage needs of your business. Whether its excess stock, off-season items, archives, furniture or more, Silo Storage self-storage units for rent is here to help you expand your space without moving and decluteer your workspace.

3. A Storage for Your Vehicles

Silo Storage features three secure levels, with two of these levels providing drive up and drive in units. This means that vehicles, equipment and stock can be stored with ease. A Silo Storage self-storage unit allows you to store your vehicles at a safe and secure place for any period of time that you desire. Your vehicle will also be safe from any sort of damage that it might incur elsewhere if left outside in the elements or squeezed in to your garage at home.

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