finishing touches for the Silo Storage Build...

The building is really taking shape now, with the majority of the external works completed....

In the last month the team have completed:

✓ Roof sheeting

✓ Caulking of external wall panels

✓ Internal partitioning walls to Lower & Middle Levels

✓ Roller shutter doors to Lower & Middle Levels installed to Lower & Middle Levels

✓ Electrical fit-off to Lower & Middle Levels nearing completion

✓ Installation of passenger lift

✓ Mechanical ducting

✓ Facade painting

✓ External stormwater and water tap in

✓ Forming of retaining walls to front & side paths....

What's coming up?

  • Finishing touches to the internals of the building now.

  • The team are busy taking all the necessary steps to transition the building from a work-site to a leading self-storage facility, including the systems for customers to rent a unit.

We hope you enjoyed looking through the images of the progress that has been taking place on-site. It's certainly been a busy and exciting month with the build nearly complete!

AND DON'T FORGET.... If you are wanting to secure any of the last remaining units, your time is running out... The units are moving quickly.

To find out more, contact with your storage needs (ie size or budget) and we'll be in touch to discuss.

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