Illawarra attracting huge industry to the area...

I am not sure if you have heard about this but...

The Illawarra will soon be home to a huge Liquid Natural Gas import facility...

This a fantastic boost for the Illawarra region. This development will not only drive job growth, attract more people to the area but will also boost local commercial business too...

We all know what people and businesses need as they grow, expand and operate - storage!

What does the savvy investor think?

"How can I get right in the middle of this huge market and capitalise on this growth too?"


With self storage units to suit any budget, dont miss out on our 10% net return for 3 years deal!!

Contact us today on or call Mike T on 0417 447 500 to find out more

P.S Silo Storage will be right down the road from the new gas plant - prime location.

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