The sky did not fall...

April 18, 2018


It goes without saying that there has been significant growth across the whole of the east coast of NSW in the property market over the last ten years. 


Now, if you read the news you wouldn't think so. I just happened to google search 'Illawarra property' and I found articles from 2015 and 2016 saying the bubble was going to burst...


And it didnt. The sky did not fall...


We had two of the biggest years of growth in history...


So, how well did we actually do in the Illawarra? 


Here is a table from Unanderra (a suburb of Wollongong, where Silo Storage will be built):

This is the residential property graph. But what I wanted to show was that there was a 5 year median growth of almost 82% (that's great)...


And that level of growth can only happen if there is one thing...


Population growth in the area. 


Pure and simple this drives demand and pushes the prices up...


And where the demand for housing goes up so does the demand for all of the other things that people need. Supermarkets, baby stores, hardwares, hairdressers AND self-storage... 


But that's not all, the second thing I wanted to show you from this table is the 'Gross Rental Yield Percent' of 3.72%. 


After you take off costs from the 'gross' figure of usually about 3 - 4% you are left with no income OR less than no income! (that's a loss)


I dont know about you, but I want my investments to pay me money (i.e have a return) and be positive cashflow AS WELL as getting capital growth... 


I never want to be in the situation where I am relying and hoping for capital growth for my investment to be successful...


That is just stressful, frustrating and risky. 


After all, income is the holy grail of an investment...


When you can get a good income from your investment and do not have to sell to realise the capital gain (make money) you build wealth... win!


I hope this helps you assess your investment options with a little more clarity and purpose. 


So are there investments out there that are positive cashflow? 


You bet...


Silo Storage units that have a very special 10% net return guaranteed for 3 years offer on their units...


We talked earlier about earning income from your investments being the holy grail. Well not many (if any) property investments come close to a guaranteed 10% net return AND with high capital growth potential AS WELL...


Why are we offering 10% for 3 years guaranteed?


The quicker we can sell a certain number of units the quicker we can commence construction...


So, we had to come up with an offer that makes your jaw drop, your head nod with excitement and realise that Silo will be your next investment. 


There is no catch, it is just an amazing offer...


Call Mike T direct on 0417 447 500 to find out more information or send us an email with your details to




P.S. - I was speaking to this marketing wizard the other day, and he challenged me to show him just how good a Silo Storage investment was compared others out there on the market over 10 years. 


So I did.


You can find it in the next post... HERE 


But first give Mike T a call about your Silo Storage unit :)






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